Metatron Lithotherapy Board

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Plate Lithotherapy in fir Diameter thickness 18mm.
The flower of life is laser engraved.
- The Flower of Life is a wave of form with sacred geometry, it allows you to purify and energize all that you will pose on it.
It regenerates constantly, so it doesn't need to be cleaned, it's an energy accelerator.
- The decagone is a geometric figure used as a form wave in dowsing. It brings together at its center the energies of all the universe. It will allow you to increase the vibratory rate of your stones, so they will be energized and this will increase their efficiency.
-The Metatron Cube is a Sacred geometric figure. It is the seal of the Archangel Metatron.
Remember that wood is a natural and living material. This is why each model may differ from the others by small details of wood grain. However, all dimensions and other details are the same.