Kit for dogs, Sweater and hat for small dog, Dog Sweater, Sweater for a small dog, Wool dog sweater, Warm dog sweater, Knitted dog costume

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Sweater with a pattern on the back in the form of a cute rabbit and a hat with holes for the ears.
The model is universal, suitable for both boys and girls. The lack of buttons allows you to easily and quickly put clothes on the dog.
Please measure your dog carefully before ordering! This way you will be sure that the clothes will fit your dog.
Choose the size along the length of your dog's back. If the size of the chest and neck will differ from the size in the table, write to me about it.
SIZE XXS/6 has Length of the Back 6 inc (17 cm); Chest 10 inc (25 cm); Neck 6 inc (15 cm)
XS/8 ... Back 8 inc (21 cm); Chest 11.4 inc (29 cm); Neck 7,5 inc (19 cm)
S/10 ... Back 10 inc (25 cm); Chest 13 inc (33 cm); Neck 9 inc (23 cm)
M/12 ... Back 11.5 inc(29cm); Chest 14.5 inc(37cm); Neck 10,5 inc(27cm)
L/14... Back 13 inc (33 cm); Chest 16 inc (41 cm); Neck 12 inc (30 cm)
I will make clothes of any color the size of your dog within 1-2 weeks.
If you have any questions, click the button next to the price, I will give an answer.