Mini Kickers - Canvas Cat Toys - Small Catnip Kicker Set - Handmade Organic Catnip Toys - Forest/Natural/Wood

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100% cotton canvas catnip kickers filled with organic catnip.
This durable canvas kicker set is made just for your kitty! A trio of mini sticks in matching autumn colors, comes in a resealable bag to keep them fresh! Filled with premium organic catnip and hand sewn closed. The plush filling is encased within the toy so all the catnip stays just beneath the surface.
These mini kickers measure approximately 4.5 inches long.
Can be made with:
1) Organic Catnip - A favorite of many felines
2) A mix of Catnip and Valerian - If you cat doesn't react to catnip, he may enjoy valerian. Warning: Valerian has a strong/pungent/foul smell to most humans, but many cats really love it! We mix it with catnip to combat this odor.
3) Herb Free
Note: This toy is made of durable canvas but as with any cat toy, it should be discarded if it starts to come apart from vigorous play. There may be slight variations.
A portion of each sale will be donated to CARES cat shelter.